• As always it was a great trip and adventure with Pierre and Sun Africa Safaris. I was fortunate that on my 3rd trip to South Africa I was able to bring along some family members Ron and Duane as well as friends, Dave, Casey and Billie. It was an amazing week of hunting our PH’s were top notch. 

    We all enjoyed hunting with Philip, Pierre Snr., Pierre Jnr, and Piet. Thanks to Charne and Annalie for the great accommodations and meals. 

    Special thanks to my PH Pierre Jnr, for helping me complete my springbok and spiral horn slams this year. We had some great hunts during the course of the week and can’t wait for the next trip.

    ~ Brad Moore and Montana bunch
  • Sun Africa Safaris was a vacation of a lifetime! Pierre and his staff is top notch and the hunting and accommodations were the best I have ever seen. The lodge was outstanding and we were treated like kings! 

    The food was great, the hospitality was great, and the hunting was amazing. 

    The hunting was a challenge and we worked for every animal. The Professional Hunters were the best and made sure we shot trophy animals. I did not want to leave, but I will be back. Thanks Pierre, Annalie, Pierre JR, Charne, Pete Dreyer, and staff for making our vacation a great one. 

    ~ Casey and Billie Klasna
  • We are now home from our first trip to Sun Africa Safaris. This was a family trip myself, two of my daughters and one young man.  We simply had a great trip. Pierre, his family and staff were a lot of fun and worked very well with my two daughters both mid 20 's that had never hunted before. 

    Pierre had suggested we hire a videographer to document our trip. I am sure this video will be the greatest treasure of the trip and will become one of the greatest treasures our family will cherish for years to come. 

    I personally recommend Sun Africa Safaris for their great hunting experience and a great family friendly environment.

    ~ The Mattison's
  • What a trip of a lifetime!! After months of planning, we were finally landing in Port Elizabeth to be greeted by the friendly faces of Pierre, Jnr, Charne and Pieter. We were all exhausted, and anxious to arrive at the lodge.

    When we arrived we were greeted by Annalie, a delicious meal, and a nice cold beer!
    Our nerves were starting to settle and we were looking forward to a good nights sleep and ready to start our hunt.

    The next 10 days proved to be one of the most amazing adventures we had ever been on. We hunted with PH, Gary Birch, who I can proudly say, will be a lifelong friend to us. He had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and I will be forever grateful we got to spend our 10 days hunting with him. His trackers were awesome, and it was fun hanging out each day with his dog, Spud.

    We made it known that we liked to hunt hard, we liked the spot and stalk, and we were game to spend all day on one species, if that’s what it took, and Gary made sure we had the experience we were after. We saw an abundance of trophy animals every single day and some truly breathtaking scenery. We got to enjoy many different concessions and each and every morning we headed out, we knew was going to be a different adventure.

    We ended up taking 15 animals between the two of us, and although they each have a special story that will be forever in our memory, like crawling on our hands and knees all afternoon to finally make the shot, the highlight of our trip was Dallas’ beautiful 50inch Kudu, and my amazing old, heavy, mature Water Buck. These were an amazing couple of days that we are so grateful and proud to have.

    We made great new friends, and we are thrilled that our whole hunting party had trips of a lifetime. Each and everyone one of us has something special we are taking home. We highly recommend Sun Africa Safaris. The accommodations, the food, the staff, and of course the quality of animals, was perfect. We could not have asked for anything better! We will be back, guaranteed!!

    Thank you Pierre and Annalie, from the bottom of our hearts.

    ~ Dallas and Nikki Walkey
  • A big thanks for the hunt of a life time! It was great to work with your professional Hunters and trackers. 

    The accommodations at the lodge were second to none. I love the family setting and eating as a group. My wife and I look forward to a return trip in the future! Thanks again.

    ~ Troy Keiser
  • Dear Pierre, Annalie, Pierre Jr. and Charne, 

    I want to thank you for a wonderful time I had with Sun Africa Safari’s in May of 2014. The hospitality, accommodations, meals, and hunting opportunities were beyond what I had expected. 

    Never in my life had I dreamed of seeing the variety of so many animals. The opportunity to harvest the animals I came for on this Safari, was beyond my belief. From day 1 through day 10, the experience and opportunities were always there. I was there this year with my son Brett, and Glendive, MT friends. 

    I am planning on returning in 2016, with my wife and possibly more family members and friends. Sun Africa Safari’s is highly recommended. 


    ~ Russell Hoagland
  • Pierre and Annalie,

    I will have you say you guys outdid yourself this time. My 3rd trip and it was definitely the best yet! I am home one day and already starting to plan my 4th with you. From the top down you, and your staff, are true professionals. A Class Act!

    ~ Brett R. Hoagland
  • Thank you to the Moolman Family and Staff, for making our first trip to South Africa a Memorable one. 

    The lodge is in a beautiful setting offering up delicious meals with newly found friends. We had great adventures with Pierre Jnr and Charne as we toured South Africa before the hunt. 

    The personal attention to make our visit the best, is unmatched by any other trip we've been on. We are already planning a return visit with our family, so they can experience the beauty of South Africa and the warm hospitality of our friends at Sun-Africa.

    ~ Jay & Shelly Morasko
  • From walking through mountainous, rugged terrain, nothing that I would have ever imagined, to glassing the side of a enormous  valley, the excitement never ended!!  Plenty of wildlife to observe!

    The accommodations and staff at Sun-Africa were all very pleasant and accommodating, it was a experience that we will remember for ever!

    Then, Cape town, which was definitely worth the drive! Very beautiful!

    Can't wait to go back!!

    ~ Jim and Sue McIntyre
  • Dear Pierre and Annalie,

    Dawn and I would like to thank you for 10 wonderful days on safari. This was my second trip to Africa and Dawn's first trip. Although I had a wonderful time on my first excursion to the Eastern Cape, this experience far surpassed it! I have been trying to put my finger on just what made this  hunt   the  rich experience that it was. Was it having Dawn with me as a wonderful companion, enjoying watching her get thrill after thrill? Was it the classy and comfortable accommodation? Or was it the excellent South African food we dined on each day? 

    Perhaps it was seeing the incredible numbers of truly trophy class game each day, in such a wide variety of habitats on huge game reserves that we seemed to have almost exclusive access to. Was it knowing that the other members of our party were getting the same royal treatment and quality experience that we enjoyed? I know that we relished the good companionship of our PH Pierre Moolman and photographer Pierre Rodgers of Igala Productions (who filmed our entire hunt). 

    It might have even been the accompanying competent and professional staff, both trackers, skinners and cooking staff, the other PH's guiding the   other members of the party, and either Charne's or Annalie's warm welcome back to camp each night. Well, we did stay in a spike camp for 3 days, or at least I guess you could call it spike camp. To Dawn and I it was another 5-star lodge where we met more new friends, as Pierre guided us to more great trophies, Zebra, Nyala, and Duiker. I guess if I have one regret it was that big Kudu bull that came to the bow blind the first night, but stayed out of range and never returned... but hopefully we'll be able to come back soon... 

    What a thrill it was to hunt a big old duggaboy Buffalo bull in the African heat, having several good opportunities that never gave a shot, even though  we were less than 50 yards several times, and then to finally face-off with this one which stood his ground, completely unafraid, and which took one vital shot after another, before finally expiring at our feet. As it lay breathing it's last, a herd approached us from behind, with the big herd bull in the lead! Ah, which way to point the rifle! And all day we had Pierre saying, "Mike, would you shoot that Impala? What a whopper. Nice Blesbuck. Hey there goes  a couple Black Backed Jackals. How about this butter spider, he's big enough for a .375, (even if they are harmless)." Certainly this was all the  excitement and adrenaline anyone could want! 

    For Dawn, also, it was a thrill to not only accompany me, but to hunt her own great trophies and enjoy the whole experience of Africa's primeval wilds.
    She took great Springbok, Black Wildebeest, Nyala, and Fallow Deer and others. 

    So what was it, that one thing that made this time in Africa so incredible? Well that's just it. It wasn't just one thing. It was EVERYTHING!   Everything we could want or imagine. So I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you from Dawn and myself. You made this time, truly, the   experience  of  a lifetime. Only, we hope to be back. Soon.


    ~ Mike and Dawn
  • WOW!!  How do you describe such a word. Great, wonderful, fantastic, exciting, beautiful and memorable. Like a scenic photo of a mountain valley  that falls short of the actual vista may just describe the experience that I and my daughter had while hunting plains game with Pierre Moolman   of   Sun   Africa Safaris from Pearston, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

    Residing in British Columbia, Canada I have guided and hunted in some of the great North America big game grounds. Wide   open    spaces,    mountains, prairies and vast wild forests, I have come to expect such in a memorable hunt. Upon arrival at Pierre’s camp,   we   witnessed   the    plains   meeting   the mountains. It was vast, unspoiled and wild. This is becoming very familiar, unlike the urban maze we had just witnessed in Frankfurt. We were  greeted  by Annalie at camp and this was the beginning of the great hospitality we were generously given our whole stay. Unlike North American hunting camps of wall tents and wood stoves, we enjoyed comfortable lodging with excellent meals. 

    As a hunter, the camp luxury is not nearly as important as the range and wildlife that calls it home. Our hunt was a classic “spot and stalk”. You  need  your hiking boots, not for looks, but for serious use. You need your binoculars as if you were hunting Big Horns in Alberta, Canada. The PH, Piet, was  a  great help in spotting and informing us on the plains game we were hunting. The trackers are skilled in searching for animals and fascinating to witness their  trade in action. Here the game is wild in a large native range with many indigenous animals. There seems no end to the hunt.

    My daughter and I took great animals – all mature and healthy. Perfect gems of nature. I highly recommend Pierre, Annalie and the staff of Sun Africa Safaris for an experience I want to repeat. If you’re looking for an African plains game experience, call Pierre and lace on the hiking boots, strap on the binoculars, sling the rifle over your shoulder and ready yourself for a great big game hunting adventure.

    ~ Dan and Meghan Flint
  • I couldn't be happier with the experience Pierre and Annalie Moolman gave to us on our 2nd safari. Pierre and JK worked very hard getting us the best trophies they could, and we passed up a lot of very nice animals. The food was excellent, the accommodations were great, and the company was excellent. Sun Africa Safaris will be where I bring all my hunting buddies to experience Africa.

    ~ Steve & Dave Mealman
  • This is the second trip to SA for my husband and I but my two sons first trip. It was all that we expected and more. Pierre and his staff did a great job accommodating us while we were trying to hunt some of our animals with a bow. My children loved every minute of this trip and feel that it was the trip of a lifetime. We got to hunt in a variety of concessions, which allowed us to see more SA Terrain and different animals. Both my boys said their favourite part of their hunts was the spot and stalks. The lodge as always is top notch. Annalie and her staff cook excellent and authentic SA dishes. Thank you again for your hospitality and friendship. Yours truly, the Cardinals.

    ~ Cardinal Family
  • Hi Pierre and Annalie. Dave and I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and that we miss South Africa already! We really had a wonderful time at Sun Africa Safaris and can't wait to return. I'll never forget the hunting experiences that we had, my personal first animal ever. JK is a great professional hunter who was very knowable- except for the taste of 'sugar bushes' Your hospitality is very much appreciated, your the kind of couple that is willing to mail post cards and lend out a vehicle if needed. Your lodge is in such a beautiful place and Ill never forget the sunsets and the stars.

    ~ Kim & Dave Haut
  • During the trip the hunting exceeded my expectations. I was a little concerned that this would be a canned hunt, but I was totally wrong. 

    We work hard for every animal hunting them in a fair and ethical manner. We hunted in many different places from the plains to way up  in the mountains and in all cases Pierre and his crew worked hard to make this a hunt of a lifetime. 

    When it was over I had taken 3 types of springbok, a steenbok, a gemsbok, a zebra, and a kudu: all very good trophys. 

    This was not only a trip for me, but also for my wife Liz who is not a hunter. She had a great time. She was very comfortable  with the food and lodging and made friends with Dezi the Jack Russel trail dog. She even joined us on a few hunts where  she spotted Giraffe, Eland and Cape Buffalo none of which were on my list, but still were great to see up close. Pierre's wife Annalie,  the social director for Sun Africa took us on some side trips. We visited museums and stores in Graff-Reinet, Addo Elephant park  and the Valley of Desolation. 

    She also took us to Port Elizabeth on the last day and a half of our trip for some power shopping. 

    All in all this was truly a trip of a lifetime, but there is one problem. We are already talking about ways to make the trip again!

    ~ Scott & Liz Smith