Welcome to Sun Africa Safaris. Sun Africa Safaris is family owned Safari Company located in the Eastern Cape and has been in the hunting industry since 2001. We specialize in Plains game and Dangerous Game in South Africa.

Having lived and hunted in the Eastern Cape for so many years Sun-Africa Safaris has access to some of the best hunting concessions in the Eastern Cape. We offer FREE-RANGE hunting with over 45 species to be hunted. The Moolman family believes in hard work, personalised attention and uplifting our local community.

Through ethical hunting and having respect for the great outdoors Sun Africa Safaris will promise a trip you will never forget. Remember, it is not a hunt, but an experience of a lifetime.

Latest Testimonial

During the trip the hunting exceeded my expectations. I was a little concerned that this would be a canned hunt, but I was totally wrong. 

We work hard for every animal hunting them in a fair and ethical manner. We hunted in many different places from the plains to way up  in the mountains and in all cases Pierre and his crew worked hard to make this a hunt of a lifetime. 

When it was over I had taken 3 types of springbok, a steenbok, a gemsbok, a zebra, and a kudu: all very good trophys. 

This was not only a trip for me, but also for my wife Liz who is not a hunter. She had a great time. She was very comfortable Read more

~ Scott & Liz Smith